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About Us

Hi, we are Kiddo Labs.

We are a group of technology, design and entrepreneurship passionates that loves to see great ideas coming to life, in the form of simple and relevant apps, gorgeous designs and nimble business models.

Building great stuff for business like yours is what makes us shine.
But don’t be fooled:

We’re not just arms. We’re more like brain and heart. ;-)

Why Kiddo?

We strongly believe that the flame that keeps us creative and innovation driven is the everlasting bond with our inner kiddo.

Questioning the status quo leads us to a constant pursuit for higher standards and new technologies. 

Through smart and simple mobile and web solutions, we believe that we can - and will - change the world.

Are you a believer? Get in touch!

What we do?


Creating a game-changing tech project can be a difficult task without the proper knowledge.
Our team has spent the last 10 years releasing great mobile and web projects and is now ready to assist you on the creation, deployment and control of any digital endeavour.

Our approach concerns Technology, Design and Business fields, as this tripod can dramatically improve the connection between you and your fans.


In times of pasteurised design patterns, the turning point lies on usability. The position of that column or button can and probably will change the way people interact with your digital assets. Our team can improve your Website or App according to the latest User Interface and Experience standards.


Design is the soul of any digital product and is deeply embedded in our DNA. We love to create beautiful and meaningful designs. Our solutions are carefully crafted as masterpieces: websites, apps, icons, typography and everything else that we do, comes along with lots of love and talent.


We were born to hack beautiful code.
Building functional, reliable and smart software is our mantra.
A few ages ago we were known as mobile professionals. It now sound a little old school, doesn\'t it?
These are times of multi-device, multi-platform and multi-screen experiences.

For any platform, any device, if you want to build something that adds value to you and those you care about, you can count on us.


The best way to prove a point is to put it in practice. Workshops are a great opportunity to experiment different theories and ideas. Our Labs bring together a group of professionals with sundry backgrounds, assembled towards a unique goal: come up with a great digital idea in a really short period of time.

Do you have any digital endeavour needing a creative touch? Have you been facing some dead ends in you brainstorming sessions?

Get in touch!


Our vision, talent, skills and values applied to solve real problems.


Our founding partners have been really busy, doing some incredible work throughout the years, for huge brands such as

Bando do Brasil

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A hint, great mobile and web ideas are our favorite subjetcs

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We would love to hear that you have a challenge for us.
Tell us your story and number and we’ll reach you asap. :)

Children are remarkable for their intelligence and ardor, for their curiosity, their intolerance of shams, thev and ruthlessness of their vision.

Aldous Huxley